My boobs are too massive to hide, says BigBaby Cartoon

November 26, 2023

By Ayo Onikoyi

BigBaby Cartoon, born Chisom Ani is fast becoming a sumptuous item on the menu of leading content creators in Nigeria with her prolific skits.null

Massively, frontally endowed, it appears she rubs it in our faces but the reverse seems to be the case, when the busy skits maker opens up to Potpourri in an interview.

She says, “First,  I’ll would love to correct the motion “using my boobs in my skits ” – I don’t use my boobs , I actually dress decently for my skits , but because my boobs are obviously massive , it can’t be hidden, so it’s always in everybody’s faces, decent or not decently dressed !

Regarding the men , as a beautiful lady in the entertainment industry , you’re bound to meet men on a daily basis openingly telling you they want you sexually. For my mental health , I’ve learned to totally Ignore unwanted advances toward me or provoking / disrespectful comments about my boobs.”

BigBaby Cartoon (@Bigbaby_cartoon on Instagram) has over 105 thousand on Facebook and almost 60 thousand on Instagram by creating short-running entertainment-based skits to engage her online audiences.

BigBaby Cartoon, who is also a brand influencer says her life’s journey in the make-believe world of skits has been influenced by many content creators before her, mentioning the likes of Mr. Funny [Sabinus], Shanks, Mr. Macaroni [Daddy Wa], Taooma, KieKie, ZicsAloma and Ashmusy as major inspiration to her.

The character,  Bigbaby_Cartoon was originally inspired by her secondary school nickname “Cartoon”.

“That was the name they called me in School, back when I was in secondary school: “Cartoon”. It was because of my voice, you know. The name later pivoted into the brand “Bigbaby_Cartoon”. To be honest,  it’s actually a part of my “normal self”, if I can say that. It is just who I am and I try to be myself in my creations. The other “personas” that differ from me are the characters of “Mama Chisom”, “Madam TowTow” and a couple of other ones I picked up along the way in my content creation journey, she explains

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