My worst mistake in life – Ann Njemanze

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My worst mistake in life – Ann Njemanze

Nollywood actress Ann Njemanzehas has taken a deep breath from life challenges, and has every reason to be grateful to her maker for helping her to pull through despite her shortcomings.

In her Instagram posts these days, Domitilla as she’s fondly called by her fans and colleagues, poured her heart out, while taking a critical look at her life journey.

She said she had overcome everything that almost ruined her life and career. According to her, “my heart is at peace as God has saved me from the spirit of anger, self abuse, and madness.”

She wrote” “What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. I came back from everything that attempted to kill me: a grandmother that lived with bitter, jealous relatives, wrong relationships, wrong marriages (2) if the second one can be called marriage and the first being the worst mistake in my life.

“Yet thanking God to letting me see that to get a blessing, a disturbed mind, some nasty friends, an almost dead career, a pocket always dry, always sad but today, November 2023, another Christ the King month, I come again to give Jesus praise for bringing out beautiful testimonies from all the trials.”

Ann said despite her stubbornness, her parents and siblings were there for her while she was through the ordeal. “Today I can see everything turning around for my good,’ Ann asserted.

Recall that Ann Njemanze was once married to actor Segun Arinze, a former President of Actors Guild of Nigeria, AGN. The marriage which produced a beautiful daughter, Renny Morenike hit the rocks after a while. The actress later remarried in 2023. But like the first marriage, her second marriage also hit the rocks forcing Ann Njemanze to go underground.


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