OPINION] The Choice Between “Fidelity to God” or “Pulpit fidelity”? – Richard Odusanya

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[OPINION] The Choice Between “Fidelity to God” or “Pulpit fidelity”? - Richard Odusanya

The genuine true Christians, particularly those folks in Acts of Apostles, were called Christ-like because those who saw them up and close at Antioch, who obviously didn’t even know Christ since Christ never went close to the place, heard about Christ and saw what they heard in those folks. Sadly, these days, many of those who are supposed to be successors in title to that name, tag, style and heritage don’t even bother to impersonate let alone imitate Christ – they are notorious for the opposite of what Christ represent; egregious, materialistic, self-righteous and untrustworthy.

The book of Isaiah 55 V8 –

“For my thoughts are not your thoughts, and your ways are not my ways.” This is the LORD’s declaration. Put succinctly, religion has become a weapon in the hands of mischievous element and a garment of deceit. If not, how do you explain the deceitfulness in the messages from the pulpits – one of such is coming in the midst of hardship in the land: “The Reason People Face Hardship In January Is Because They Don’t Pay Tithes During Christmas” — Pastor David Ibiyeomie.

This people will mess with your mind if you’re fainthearted – people are going through a lot and you want them pay yuletide tithe. Pentecostalism has mass-produced idol worshippers/dangerous elements in very damaging proportions and the implications of this will hit us hard in years to come. When I look back today, I can’t believe I was once a part of it.

As it stands today, and as it has always been, Christianity especially if today’s Pentecostal variety has created a generation of the most docile and irresponsibly complacent people who are quite easily malleable, subservient, and incredibly tolerant of the most abnormal policies coming out from their leader

It would appear as though Pentecostalism was deliberately inserted into our social life to arrive at this very situation, a situation which guarantees unending strangulation of our socio-economic settings

Truly, we suffer a social crises in Nigeria as it were

Furthermore, it seems religion is invented to control the poor. Whereas, pentecost itself, is the explanation of the way in which a small group of Jewish peasants, untrained and out of favor with the authorities, advanced their faith in a Savior who had been executed as a criminal until in a short time the civilized earth was dominated by that faith. Therefore, fidelity to one’s word, to one’s promises, and to God Almighty is sacrosanct and not something that can be taken for granted. This should be obvious, for we live in a time of massive infidelity and fraudulent activities even within religious space.

Before going further, I will like to share with us the profound words of wisdom from a vibrant lady, medical doctor and versatile opinion moulder, Dr Okolo Oteri Eme wrote: “I have seen first hand the destruction false doctrine has brought to families. As a doctor then in clinical practice even as a medical student, it was beyond heartbreaking.

“Children who died because their parents would not allow much needed blood transfusion. Pregnant women dying with their babies because they wanted to give birth like Hebrew women (let us leave the fact that this is misconstrued for another day). Surgery declined because that was not the report of the Lord. Not too long ago, folks losing their lives from Covid-19 because it was a tool of the devil to keep the sheep (pun intented) from church or something from 5G!

“All of these are criminal but poor regulation and the church being a source of a voting block in a democracy allow all these evil against humanity to go on.

“There are churches that do not believe in medicine. Members die from complications of simple malaria, hypertension and diabetes, management discovered by science decades ago. It really should be an outrage.

“I remember once in medical school all the wards began to empty quickly one Friday if I remember correctly. On inquiry I was told that Pastor Chris Oyakhilome was to minister that evening and folks were going for miracles. Many returned to UBTH as dead bodies, others with worse conditions, the luckiest came the way they went. Families lost breadwinners, husbands wives, children parents etc…. Who took responsibility.

“Today he has built and opened a hospital from what I was told. So this hospital will be doing what exactly???? The same surgeries? The same medical interventions? Dishing out the devil’s report


Additionally, Apostle Paul knowing that these times will come told us that if any man comes preaching any gospel contrary to what they had preached to us, let such a person be accursed! Individuals make a choice when they are young, between holding a certain belief or disbelief on the one hand, or being a skeptic on the other. As I have said repeatedly, Mind Restructuring is the answer to our numerous challenges.

In conclusion, we simply need Rwanda’s approach to Religions in Nigeria – period! Moreover, I have always maintained that our faith isn’t in anyway anti-logic. It is when they want to confuse/deceive you they tell you the ways of God can’t be understood or something like that.

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