I Want A Partner, Not Marriage — Moet Abebe

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I Want A Partner, Not Marriage — Moet Abebe

Popular media personality, Laura Abebe, known as Moet Abebe, has addressed online criticism regarding her age and relationship status on the latest episode of her podcast, “Bahd and Boujee.”

The episode, titled “Dealing with Trolls,” featured reality TV star Tolani Baj and veteran TV host Frank Edoho as guests.

In response to age-shaming and marriage-shaming comments, Moet, 34, made her stance clear: “I don’t want to get married. I want a partner. I want kids.”

When asked about her hypothetical response if a partner desired marriage, Moet admitted, “Maybe he can convince me.” However, she stressed, “Marriage is not the ultimate thing I want.”

Frustrated by societal pressures, she remarked, “It’s annoying when people tell me at 34, I should be married. Why can’t they say, ‘At 34, you should have your own house or five properties’?”

Edoho, empathizing with her experience, chimed in, “Some fans are not sensible. There will always be stupid people with their stupid opinions about marriage.

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