Nigeria’s Problems Won’t Be Resolved By Palliatives

Nigeria’s Problems Won’t Be Resolved By Palliatives

Bishop Matthew Hassan Kukah, from the Catholic Diocese of Sokoto, has urged Nigerians to renew their commitment to self-examination and repentance for the nation to experience significant transformations.

He advised President Bola Ahmed Tinubu to anchor his Renewed Hope agenda on a sturdy foundation of faith and hope, aiming for the restoration of Nigeria’s former glory.

In his Christmas message titled “Time to Reclaim Nigeria’s Greatness,” the outspoken clergyman cautioned that Nigeria’s deep-seated and structural problems cannot be remedied by mere palliatives.

Kukah explained the nuanced differences between happiness and joy, highlighting happiness as spontaneous and momentary, while joy embodies depth, reflection, solemnity, and an inability to be fully expressed in words.

Noting the gravity of the moment, Bishop Kukah directed attention to President Tinubu’s ascent to power after years of advocacy for a transformed Nigeria. He stressed the need for the President to steer the country in a new direction, ending the instrumentalization of religious, ethnic, or regional identities.

He urged the President to address critical issues that have long awaited solutions, expressing both praise and concern for initial policy decisions that have generated controversy and anxiety.

Kukah stressed the imperative for an inclusive government, calling for an end to partisan divisions. He identified corruption as a foundational issue plaguing Nigeria and emphasized the urgent need to dismantle this destructive structure.

The Bishop called for an immediate halt to the senseless killings, abductions, extortions, and kidnappings ravaging the country. He advocated for justice, stating that laws must not infringe upon democratic principles, and those responsible for taking lives should face justice.

Addressing the state of public service, Kukah urged the President to purge the system of criminals who exploit their positions for personal gain. He underscored the necessity for such action if the government is to succeed in delivering essential services to the people.

“Mr President the killings of Nigerians by whatever name must end and end now. These senseless killings, abductions, extortions and kidnappings have to end and the sacredness and sanctity of human life restored.

“Blasphemy laws have no place in a democracy. We are not in a theocracy. Those who take life by whatever means must be fished out and punished. A culture of compensation to victims must be institutionalised and states must take full responsibility while criminals or those who hide them are fished out. We cannot go on this way.

“”You must rid the public service of criminals who have turned the opportunity to serve into an ignoble enterprise. This surgery must happen if you are to succeed in any of your dreams of delivering much needed services to our people,” Bishop Kukah  stated.

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