We will sell cement at N3500 per bag in 2024- Rabiu

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We will sell cement at N3500 per bag in 2024- Rabiu

BUA Chairman Abdul-Samad Rabiu on Thursday promised that his company would sell a bag of cement at N3500 in 2024, as earlier promised.

After meeting with President Bola Tinubu in Lagos on Thursday, he assured his firm targets about 6 million tonnes of cement annually.

” I have given a promise, and we intend to keep that promise.”

Rabiu disclosed that President Tinubu will commission its cement plant in Sokoto at any moment.

He, however, insisted that he intended to keep that promise: “We intend to keep the price of cement as we promised. And as we all know, our volumes will be about 6 million tonnes per annum combined.”

He disclosed that the volumes will positively impact the nation’s cement supplies.

BusinessDay check, however, reveals that the product currently sells at between N5000 and N5200 per bag

But the BUA Chairman, who had earlier assured Nigerians that the company would crash the price in 2024, insisted that the company is working hard to meet the target.

” I am going to maintain the price that we promised Nigerians. We’re having some issues here and there, but these are issues that I believe, you know, we can address and we are addressing them. But we intend to keep that promise that we made to Nigeria and to Nigerians.

” You know the price that we have set will be 3,500 Naira per bag.

” You know x factory, of course, plus VAT, and then delivered to customers depending on the region, because as you know, our factories are in Edo state, the other in Sokoto state.

“So, for example, if you want us to deliver cement to you from Sokoto, say, to Lagos or Adamawa or to any destination, the distance is quite far. So, depending on the distance and the location. You know the price changes, but we intend to keep that promise.

” The important thing is to ensure that we maintain an affordable price number one that Nigerians will get. So, we are working on that, and I’m sure we’ll be able to achieve that.”

The Chairman of the All Progressive Congress, APC, Abdullahi Ganduje, who also spoke with State House Journalists after meeting with the President, said the party is working to establish an electronic database for members and the APC Institute of Progressive Studies.

He said, ” We are here to share the joy or the celebrations of Christmas and the joy of the new year 2024.

” Also to condole the President on the death of two political giants, the Governor of Ondo state and also the former speaker, National Assembly Ghali Na’Abba in Abuja, and also to congratulate him for his achievement so far in managing the affairs of this country. So basically, that is why we’re here.

He said Nigerians should expect more from the government of the Federation and the APC as an institution.

” You have seen how we have started forging ahead to increase the coverage of the party in terms of having more states for the party, more members of National Assembly, state assemblies, and we are continuing to do that.

” I believe we have some innovations for the party because now we’re introducing e-registration of our political party, where our members will be electronically registered so that we have a database that we can rely upon, that we can plan that we can be able to expand the party.

* We have in our programme for the establishment of the National Institute of Progressive Studies so that we enlighten our members, even members of the public in Nigeria, on the doctrine of democracy, on the issues of internal democracy, issue of avoiding hate speeches, and also issues of abiding by the rules of the law on election and other processes.
” So, you can see that this institution will work with the government to develop appropriate policies conducive to democracy.”


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