Tupac’s alleged killer Keefe D is too dangerous for bail – Prosecutors insist


Prosecutors in the U.S state of Nevada have pushed back on rapper, Tupac’s alleged killer Keefe D’s request to be released on bail ahead of his trial. 

Keefe D’s lawyers had asked a judge last week to release him from custody on his own recognizance before his trial, which is currently set to start in June; and if the court wouldn’t allow it, his bail should be set no higher than $100k.

Prosecutors however kicked against the request, saying it is absurd. They also provided several reasons why he shouldn’t get to walk free until his trial. 


Prosecutors claimed he’s a former high-ranking member of the South Side Compton Crips, and has confessed multiple times to involvement in the Tupac murder over the years.

They also claimed Keefe has made credible threats to witnesses while being locked up. They also stated that they have evidence, including Keefe D’s own words, pointing to him orchestrating Tupac’s murder back in 1996, despite Keefe now distancing himself from those previous statements.

The state is asking the court to keep him behind bars until his trial date, and believes there are more than enough reasons to do so.

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