We Have Arrested Some Suspects In Plateau State Massacre And Still Hunting For Others — Chief Of Defence Staff, Musa


We Have Arrested Some Suspects In Plateau State Massacre And Still Hunting For Others — Chief Of Defence Staff, Musa

January 2, 2024


The Chief of Defence Staff, Gen Christopher Musa, has confirmed that the Nigerian military has made some arrests of attackers responsible for the Christmas Eve massacre in two Local Government Areas of Plateau State – an incident where over 200 Nigerians were brutally killed.

The CDS said this on Monday when he appeared on Channels TV programme, adding that the military was also working with state governments to reclaim all communities presently captured by terrorists across the country.

“We are working with the state governments to identify these areas, this year God willing we will make sure bandits hold no community,” he was quoted.

He added that once the communities were recovered, the internally displaced camps in the country would be reduced drastically as people would freely relocate to their homes.

He continued: “Members of the community will be able to leave the IDP camps and be able to go there”

Recall that Nigeria is still mourning a Christmas Eve terrorist attack where about 150 innocent people were killed with many injured.

The Chief of Defence Staff has described the Plateau attack as a plan to “embarrass” everyone and take the government for a fool.

He continued: “I think the purpose is to embarrass everybody and to make the government look stupid and whoever did this, we are up on their heels and making some arrests.

“The general area where this incident occurred is not a small area and people question why the military was not able to react quickly.

“We cannot be everywhere,” he said while responding to the military’s delay in accessing the terror-prone areas.

Meanwhile, the General also added that the lack of political will from the government at all levels is the reason insecurity seems to be unresolved in the country.

On the challenges the military faced in their fight against banditry, General Musa said they were of a political nature that required decision-making from the political class.

He said, “The truth about it is that the challenges we are facing are political challenges and it is only when decisions are taken and directives have been given that we can take them.

“The military can only do so much, only they go back and can’t get the support from the government, that is why it is important that we work together as a team. It is a political decision, not a military decision on what is to be done.” 

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