All Our Governments Have Failed To Deliver Decent Level of Electricity – Moghalu

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All Our Governments Have Failed To Deliver Decent Level of Electricity – Moghalu

Former Deputy Governor of the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN), Kingsley Moghalu claims that all Nigerian rulers have failed to deliver a decent level of electricity to the citizens.

Making this assertion in a tweet via his official X account on Thursday, Moghalu who cleared that he is not into partisan politics argued that no Nigerian leader succeeded in diversifying the nation’s economy.

“I am not in partisan politics. That ship has sailed. I can discuss our economy, & even how leadership affects it, but I won’t engage in political party narratives on the economy. All our governments have failed so far to deliver decent levels of electricity. None has “diversified” the economy successfully. And there has always been corruption which, in fact, only got progressively worse. But the facts remain the facts, that, even in the context of a trajectory of decline, the economy fared better in certain periods than under others,” Moghalu wrote.
His comment comes after he was heavily criticized for suggesting that the nation’s economy was last functional under the 16 years of the Peoples Democratic Party led government.
Naija News earlier reported that Moghalu had in a series of posts on X on Wednesday, stated that the country is being run by incompetent leadership.

Reacting to Moghalu’s comment, a presidential aide, Segun Ajayi said the former CBN official had convinced himself that his time in government was the ‘golden era of competence’ in managing Nigeria’s economy.

He said the time the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) was in power was a period in which the nation didn’t see any progress in infrastructural development that had a direct bearing on the quality of life.

Ajayi added that when Moghalu was the CBN Deputy Governor, hundreds of millions of dollars were looted under various guises, but he wants Nigerians to believe that that period was the gold standard in economic management in Nigeria

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