Lack Of Quality Political Leadership Responsible For Nigeria’s Problems – Ezekwesili

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Lack Of Quality Political Leadership Responsible For Nigeria’s Problems – Ezekwesili

Dr. Obiageli Ezekwesili, former Minister of Education and Founder of the School of Politics, Policy and Governance (SPPG), has identified the shortage of competent political leadership as the root cause of Nigeria’s economic difficulties.

Addressing attendees at the inaugural session of the SPPG Distinguished Guest Speaker Series, Ezekwesili emphasized the urgent need for comprehensive reforms, including a new constitution and restructuring of political, electoral, and economic frameworks.

Highlighting the correlation between effective governance and national progress, Ezekwesili underscored the imperative for a political landscape conducive to good governance.

In her discourse-themed ‘Power, Performance and Legitimacy: Renewing Global Democratic Momentum,’ she underscored the findings of the #FixPolitics research, stressing that the absence of good governance remains the foremost impediment to Nigeria’s economic advancement.

Ezekwesili decried the prevailing trend where political leaders prioritize personal interests over the collective welfare of citizens, lamenting the failure of African politicians to fulfil their obligations to the populace.

Proposing a radical solution, Ezekwesili advocated for establishing an innovative SPPG to nurture a new cadre of principled politicians capable of prioritizing public welfare.

She emphasized the necessity of training a new breed of Nigerians in ethical politics, policy, and governance, with a curriculum tailored to instil values that promote the common good.

Moreover, Ezekwesili called for collective action among Nigerians to demand sweeping reforms, warning against the looming threat of state failure if urgent measures are not taken.

Echoing Ezekwesili’s sentiments, Prof. Larry Diamond from Stanford University criticized the monopolization of political power by ruling parties, undermining electoral integrity and stifling democratic processes

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