I Can’t Be Kidnapped Nor Assassinated – Oluwo

I Can’t Be Kidnapped Nor Assassinated – Oluwo

The Oluwo of Iwo, Oba Abdulrasheed Akanbi, has made a bold declaration regarding his safety, stating unequivocally that he is beyond the reach of kidnappers and assassins, attributing his protection to divine rather than traditional powers.

This statement comes against the backdrop of increasing concerns over the security of traditional rulers in Nigeria, particularly amidst a spate of kidnappings and assassination attempts targeting monarchs.

In a press briefing at his palace in Iwo on Wednesday, Oba Akanbi addressed the issue of security for traditional rulers, especially in the southwest, emphasizing a shift from the reliance on ancient deities to seeking protection from God.

He argued that continued dependence on such deities not only fails to ensure safety but also tarnishes the honour of the thrones they occupy.

Oba Akanbi highlighted the imperative for traditional institutions in Yorubaland to recognize their role as representatives of God on earth, rather than emissaries of ancient gods.

He urged his fellow monarchs to embrace this perspective for their safety and protection, moving away from traditional practices towards a more divine trust in God.

Furthermore, the Oluwo touched upon the pressing issue of economic hardship in Nigeria, directing attention towards governors and lawmakers.

He criticized them for not alleviating the people’s suffering, especially in light of the income generated from the removal of fuel subsidies, which is distributed among states and earmarked for constituency projects.

In his critique, Oba Akanbi also called for the implementation of capital punishment for corruption, underscoring this as a crucial step if the government is truly committed to combating the menace of corruption.

He said, “The steps that this new government is taking is right. Money can’t get to Nigerians except through their governors, Senators, House of Representatives and others. Revenue going to states and others is unprecedented in the history of this country. Lets show love to each other, let’s help each other. Money accruing to the federal government after fuel subsidy removal is being shared all tiers of government in Nigeria. Why are people now becoming poorer? Why are Nigerians hungry. There should be meeting at the federal level where questions would be asked about how resources going to other tiers of government.

“A state in South South was said to have recieved over N437billlion between now and when subsidy was removed. Yet people are still hungry. All elected and appointed political office holders are getting money yet people are hungry. I feel they are covering each other. Mr. President should tell them the truth and ask them to use the available funds to ease economic woes of the people. Corruption is thrieving and to put an end to it, death penalty should be the punishment for graft

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