Any romance without finance will lead to annoyance’” – Blessing CEO

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Any romance without finance will lead to annoyance'” –  Blessing CEO

Self-acclaimed relationship therapist, Blessing CEO, shared her opinions on the significance of financial backing in romantic relationship.

The controversial therapist expressed her views during a lively conversation with three other participants on Pulse TV.

Blessing CEO emphasized the traditional role of men in society, stating that their primary responsibility is to provide and take on various responsibilities.

Drawing a clear line between boys and men, she argued that any romantic relationship without financial stability is likely to result in frustration.

The therapist encouraged men to date within their financial level, asserting that doing so facilitates smoother provision for their partners.

According to her, aligning financial capacities makes it easier for both parties to contribute to the relationship’s growth and stability.

Blessing CEO boldly claimed that women often bear more financial responsibilities than men, particularly in traditional African households.

While acknowledging that many women are fully capable of providing for themselves, she cautioned against them shouldering the burden excessively.

According to her, when women take on too much financial responsibility, men may become complacent and less inclined to fulfill their traditional roles as providers.

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