Footballers dey enjoy; seems like I chose the wrong profession” – Davido laments

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“Footballers dey enjoy; seems like I chose the wrong profession” – Davido laments

Afrobeat star, Davido, has caused a buzz online as he publicly bemoans his career choice, expressing envy for the luxurious lifestyle enjoyed by footballers.

The revelation comes on the heels of his extravagant 30th birthday celebration, during which he received a high-end Rolex timepiece as a gift from Dutch football sensation Memphis Depay.

The Grammy nominee singer took to the microblogging platform, X, to share his thoughts on the stark differences between the worlds of music and football.

He shared a moment of contemplation on social media, playfully suggesting he might have chosen the wrong profession as he observed the apparent perks enjoyed by footballers.

“Footballers Dey enjoy ooooo … be like I chose wrong profession ???????????????? bruhhhhhhh,” Davido wrote.

The singer’s statement has since ignited a flurry of reactions among fans and followers.

Netizens Reactions…

Princess Luna said; “Kylian Mbappe money making OBO question his life’s choices. See levels ????????????????”

Oriade Of Arsenal asked; “U dey whine us ni ???? who for dey give us hits songs back to back say na Wizkid yo yo yo I go dey stream GFB ????????”

RETRICKK.SOL noted; “Just that in football you actually need talent”

Dannyben stated; “The profession you chose was still wrong????”

See below;

In related news, Nigerian Afrobeat sensation, Davido, took to his Instagram story to express his gratitude towards professional footballer Memphis Depay, who surprised him with a lavish birthday gift on his own birthday celebration.

Davido celebrated Memphis Depay’s 30th birthday on social media, joining in the celebration for the Dutch football star.

However, the unexpected twist came when Memphis Depay, in a generous gesture, gifted Davido a luxurious Rolex wristwatch

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