Jennifer Lopez expresses delight as she adopts a Nigerian Igbo name

Jennifer Lopez expresses delight as she adopts a Nigerian Igbo name

Jennifer Lopez adopts a Nigerian Igbo name ‘Ifunanya’.

The singer and actress, revealed her new name during a recent interview.

Nigerian media personality Drea Okeke had proposed the name for her, and she agreed.

Okeke added that the name is appropriate for the American diva since she “is a complete lover girl” and Ifunanya means love in Igbo.

Jennifer Lopez asked: “What is my [Nigerian] name?”

The host replied: “Because you’re a certified lover girl, this name means love. It is Ifunanya. That’s your name, love.”

Lopez reckoned: “Ifunanya! Call me Ifunanya.”

Okeke revealed that Lopez’s husband, Ben Affleck, will go by the Nigerian name “Obim.” That’s my heart.”

Jennifer Lopez agreed: “Obim? I like that. I will call all my kids that.”

Recall that Lopez and Affleck revived their relationship and married in 2023, 17 years after their first breakup.

In 2022, Jennifer Lopez Announced their Engagement

The excited 52-year-old dancer, actress and singer shared a video of herself crying and looking at her engagement ring on Friday night on her official website.

Jennifer showed off the stunning sparkling in the 13-second clip – with no sign of her fiancé Ben, 49. The video started off with a black screen with a view of her ring first before the camera moved up to her face.

The mother of two is visibly wiping away tears of joy as she stared at her emerald and diamond sparkler, reports.

She was wearing a casual outfit consisting of a green top, knitted cardigan and minimal makeup. Jennifer can be heard whispering ‘I am perfect’ in the song that played along with the videoVideos Youtube VideosTelegram Song Children

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