Tinubu Has No Solutions To Nigeria’s Problems — Bugaje Says Sycophants Around Are Not Telling Him Truth

Tinubu Has No Solutions To Nigeria’s Problems — Bugaje Says Sycophants Around Are Not Telling Him Truth

A political activist Usman Bugaje claims President Bola Tinubu is incapable of addressing the numerous challenges facing the country.

Since the fuel subsidy payment was stopped and the naira floated, Nigerians have been experiencing biting economic issues with inflation hitting 29.90 percent, sparking protests in some parts of the country.

Although the government has rolled out several plans to address the challenges, Bugaje maintains Tinubu has no solution to Nigeria’s issues.

”Today, it is everybody’s knowledge that Bola Tinubu has no solutions to the problems of this country….his government has failed to address the most essential issues,” Bugaje, a former member of the House of Reps, said on Channels Television’s Politics Today on Monday.

He blamed the Tinubu government for ending the subsidy regime without plans to cushion its impacts.

“We had expected that when the new government took over, we were expecting that he would surround himself with expertise. We were expecting that for him to have announced the removal of the fuel subsidy, he must have had a plan – something that would address the consequences of that,” the political activist said.

“You don’t make a policy without looking at the consequences and preparing to cushion the effect of that. But apparently, he did that without preparation.”

Bugaje blamed Tinubu’s advisers for not telling the president the truth about the state of the country.

“I can see a lot of sycophancy around him (Tinubu). People are not engaging him. They are not telling him the truth and he seems to be very comfortable with the kind of people he has around him who don’t seem to have any ideas in their heads,” he noted.

“They don’t seem to have any solutions to the problems that we have and they are always trying to find excuses

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