DEATH,the five letter word is the most dreaded word in the life of every living thing. Man being a sentient being understands it deep when it is the subject on the desk. He catches cold as it forces him into dual contrasting state of morbidity and sobriety.

Man has overtime put his ingenuity to largely control the elements of nature.
He has made discoveries and inventions through science,yet in all of the numerous feats of science, man cries helplessly and cringes at the visit of death.
It is one unwelcomed
visitor that visits at will against the consent of the hosts/hostesses. It does not feed on the best of foods or rich wines but blood and leaves in its trail defeat,grief,sorrow and gloom in the homes and hearts of the unwilling hosts.
Both man and science have no answer to death and must succumb to it’s venom whenever it shows up. It is a leveller, not blinded by colour,sex,age,religion and all. Man cries all the times it strikes because he is everyday prey and victim of death. Anytime it does its evil on us, our helplessness is veiled in resignatory remarks like: oh! it’s not true, I can’t believe it, rest in peace ,”we love you, but God loves you more”, “It is a joke, somebody wake me up”,Iam dreaming,rest in the bosom of the lord, and so forth. Some few tears are shed and some observances of burial rites marked,
Death counts gains at the expense of man.
Life continues only for death to strike on another to start the cycle of grief once more till it gets to our turn for others to write obituaries to our names.
Some may roll their hands over their heads and thunder forcefully. God forbid,it is not my portion, I reject it in jesus name. Death function only in the land of the living, Where there is no life,it does not exist. As long as it is the case, Mr Death is continually in the business of harvesting lives to the anguish and bereavement of couples, brothers,relatives,friends, colleagues,neighbours and all.
Death will sure come for us someday.when it does,doctors
prescription,healthy living or work outs cannot stop death’s harvests. It behoves man to live well with man,so we can live in their hearts when we bow to mortality and must live right with God,who ultimately will open the books,for rewards or damnation.
Mr kaz

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