She was 15, when a neighborhood bully said to her “I love you”, even when her infantile mind had no idea what it meant. Yet, she believed the lie, and it happened. She lost her virginity to him. She is now 39. 24 years after her first experience; she has had conservatively, dozens of men and still counting, and of course not forgetting the one night stands, quickies and the flings. They told her the same satanic three words “I love you” she believes everything any man tells her as long as his wallet is full.
Today, its been dozens of “I love you” stories of heartbreak and disappointments. If she was innocent and taken advantaged of at 15, moralists can let that slide.
Today, at 39, certainly it is consensual. Whatever any of those men did to her or with her had her nod of consent. But for a few, show me one woman that had not been a victim of “I love you”. They love to hear it, the men know it, and so they use it sufficiently to unlock their legs. The men may not mean it when they say those seemingly magical words’ “I love you”. They are surprised when these women believe them. Back to my gist, the last man walked away 4weeks ago, she came telling her hearers who could stand her folly, lately that she has found a Mr. right, who must have used the “I love you” formula.I can tell he is in Lagos to supervise a project as a site engineer. Please, go tell her, she is in for another shocker. 24 years of sleeping around, presupposes, almost a quarter of a century of practicing fornication is really bad enough news. A service provider of some sort. These men will tell their escapade with you to others at drinking joints as one of their conquests. The more the stories make the rounds, the longer you remain on the shelf. No man will take you home for a wife.
My thought and advice for you is, shut your legs and go back to God for mercy. Not anything in a pair of trousers is a real man. Some are the devils tool. At 39 plus, your choices are few and far between. You must tell yourself this hard truth .Else, if you carry on like this, before long, only pensioners and retirees will look in your direction to offer you a drink. You know how it is, and what I mean. May it not be your story.
May your wedding bell toll soon.
Mr kaz

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